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Object 260 World of Tanks is the Tank That You Must Get!

There are different games that we play these days while using our mobile phones, PCs and laptops. These games attract us in a great way. But there are certain games that have really managed to become popular across the globe. And the World of Tanks is one of them. This game is developed and announced by Wargaming which is actually a Belarusian gaming company. In this game, player vs player like game play is there and every player is assigned with a fully armored gaming vehicle which uses to be a tank often.

Object 260 World of Tanks

  • Enhance your stats

These tanks replicate the design of the tanks that were once used during the cold war time and pre World War Two era. This is a combat game and in this game you have to enhance your account’s stats as well. World of Tanks marks of excellence are something that might draw your attention first when you play it. Marks of excellence is something that are awarded on the basis of a point like average damage performed by all the players in vehicle and average damage a player did in vehicle. It’s the damage related statistics that are collected almost every day and while doing this accounts of the last several days are also considered.

  • Use this tank

In the game World of Tanks you are going to come across a Soviet tank that is a heavy one. This is the exact replica of the Object 260 tank that the Soviet Nations once used. The design of the Object 260 was accomplished during 1945 but after that no prototypes have been announced. Object 260 World of Tanks is the tank that is best known for its mobility.